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Thursday, July 30, 2009

APPSC Group 1 material


Here i am posting NCERT Books for all classes..i think these books will be useful for english medium candidates...i am unable to find the telugu books...

I am working on telugu medium material and books and also preparing for online material...
i will make it available soon...

Reference Books for Group-1 Prilims Preparation & Mains


Here i am giving u the information abt the ref books and material..

Prelims Contains 6 Sections Mains Contains 5 Papers

Prelims Syllabus :

1. General Knowledge (Current Affairs)
2. General Science
3. Geography
4. Polity
5. History
6. Mental Ability

Reference Books :

General Knowledge :

Read Regular Papers and Competitive Magazines (Udyoga sopanam,Yojana,Competetive Sucesses..etc) and also watch national news chanels.

General Science:

Read 5 to 10th classes science text books (Telugu medium)
Read 5 to 10th classes science NCERT text books( English Medium)
Read Science & Tech Topics in Daily News Papers
Read Yojana,Spectrum,Civil Services Chronicle,Udyoga Sopanam


Read 10,11,12 classes POLITY text books (Telugu medium)
Read 5 to 10th classes POLITY NCERT text books( English Medium)
Read Telugu Academy B.A 2nd year text books (Indian Politics & Governament)


Read NCERT 11,12 classes History Books(English)
Read 11,12 history text books (Telugu)
Read Modern India- Bipin Chandra (Both in English and Telugu)
Read Andhrula Charitra – B.S.L.Hanumantha Rao


Read NCERT 10,11,12 Geography books and also in Telugu Books
Telugu Academy – Geography Books
India Year Book

Mental Ability:

Quantitative Aptitude – R.S.Agarwal (Both Verbal and Non-Verbal)

Good Luck All


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to prepare Current Affairs notes?


How to read news paper
Whenever we start our preparation for CS, we consider a main work in this regard.Obviously it is Reading News paper. when i started preparation 3 years ago, the painfull work to me was reading news papers. but, gradually i came to know that reading news papers is an interesting work in the preparation. I felt it because of my gradual improvement in both my optionals and GS. I made interesting to read news papers through creative approach to it. I would like to share my ideas in this regards.

generaly we used to read Hindu paper.
1.It is enough to read hindu paper daily without break.
2.Otherwise, economic times can be used in the period of Budget session or any other important economic issues.

Reading Hindu

1.Before going to take notes, you have to keep 5 hand (normal) size note books and one file(tag file)
2.Give headings to those note books as follows.,
iii.general knowledge
iv.News events regarding Optional 1
v.News events regarding Optional 2
vi.Articles regarding GS,optional -1, and optional-2.(to be attached in tag file)
3.If you read anything about science,geography or economics regarding international issues, then just put those information in the international part.
4.same to be followed in National part also. general knowledge section, put the information which is always factual and never be changed further.
6.In optional parts,
--read the entire articles or news in full
-- try to analyse with your text books you are reccommanded.
--Make analysed notes in your own idea with the help of text books.
7.If you find any good articles in Editorials then just cut it and add into the tag files. it will be usefull for both your mains and interview(even prelims).actually the editorials will help us to look a balanced view in a topic in mains and interview.
8.very important-- ensure that you are reading and taking notes of important news but not spam news. Try to find out what are important and not.
9.try to link the current news with one another news like GS,optional1 or optional2.
10.try to use different 6 colours to the 6 note books.
11.keep a card like small paper in your pocket in which you should have note down the famous and important personalities,important events you taken from news papers in brief. frequently look on that card.
12.when ever you read optionals, just see the notes you have already taken from the news paper.
13.ensure your notes with various magazines like yojana,kurukshetra,India today,frontline,wizard ect., ect.,
14.when you try to remember the information, just try to imagine the colour you used to that particular note book.

Uses of this approach

1.your IQ is improved get the ability of creative approach is easy to review when ever you need some information about current affairs
4.It will not be painfull at the final day preparation of prelims.
5.a clear picture of current affairs come to your mind, because every news are clearly segmented through the 6 note books.
6.easy to refer
7.current affairs part of optional sujects is now easy to handle.
8.we get an idea and able to predict about, what would be asked in mains and interviews.
9.your confident level will increased.

I hope these small approach will help you to do well with NEWS PAPERS

Good Luck ALL


Sunil Gavaskar

Group-1 2nd ranker Ramsunder views & suggestions


group 1 is not much hard to crack. i'm an average student. I never studied more than 8 hours a day on any occasion(even before exam).

Three importent things to always remember are:

2.consistent hardwork
3.clarity(of our goal and of the concept)

In 2006 group1 i was selected as municipal commissioner. my first posting was in Repalli(Guntur). Now i'm working as Deputy commissioner. Tirupati Municiapl corporation.

My first step after Gr1 notification was to thoroughly go through the syllabus. It has one advantage, when ever we come across any topic of relevance in newspapers or magazines we can take note of it.
We need to answer 15Q in 180 mins. i.e 12 mins for each Q. If we take out 2 mins for planning and other waste, what we r left for each Q is 10 mins. My speed was 180 words in 10 mins.
Then I split the syllabus into minute parts and prepared notes for each and every topic in 180 words. Notes for 2,3 and 4th papers was prepared by prelims. And coaching for 5th paper was also completed by prelims. (I went to coaching only for this paper)
For 1st paper I sat with few of my friends(only serious contenders) and prepared a list of 16 topics after prelims results. By mains I prepared notes for essay as well.
Books: (English medium)
Paper 2:
Section 1:NCERT and Bipin chandra
Section 2: Krishna reddy A.P history and a telugu medium Guide
Section 3: My option in civil services was public administration so I collected from pub.adm books.
Paper 3: (Be careful in this paper about data. Put only data released by govt and nothing more)
Section 1: Indian Economy by Dutt and Sundaram and Economic survey
Section 2: A.P Economic survey and collection from Net
Section 3: A.P Economic survey and collection form net.
Paper 4:
Section 1: R.C reddy Science and technology and Spectrum mains S&T
Section 2: Internet and also a friend from Science background helped me.
Scetion 3: Environmental studies book , Spectrum mains S&T and collection from Internet.
For prelims I took up spectrum guide only. This may not be good option for freshers.

Motivation: I don’t know much abt it. Lets first decide what we want in our life. That will motivate us a lot. Never never never care what other r thinking abt us. Its our life and we will have to face what ever the outcome may be.

Good Luck All

Ramsunder Reddy

Instructions for Submitting the Group-1 Online Application


  • Next you find ‘Current Notification’ Group-1 Services, Click on ‘APPLY’ button

  • Next you will get the one alert box with 3 buttons 1)User Manual 2) Get the Challan 3) Submit payment challan details.

  • If you want to get challan form…you need to click on the second ‘Click Here’ Button, then you will get the application * mark fields are mandotary.

  • After filling the application with necessary will get a pdf file with challan form..which you need to take print out.

  • Bring it to SBI the 25/- challan fee..then you will get the ‘Gernel Number ‘

  • After you will get the ‘Gernel Number ‘ from bank.once again you need to login in the APPSC website.

  • This time you need to click on the 3rd ‘Click Here ’ button. after that you will get a form with 4 fields 1.Gernel No 2. Reference No 3. Date of Birth 4. Date of Payment

  • After filling the 4 fields you need to upload the passport size scanned image. after uploading the image you need to fill the Basic Educational Details (4th to 10th)for identifying the zone of the Candidate.

  • Also need to select the preference of the posts as per your choice.

  • After submission of all details…Click on ‘Submit’ button…Then u will get a print out with your photo and details, Which u need to take print for u r future reference.

Good Luck All

Friday, July 24, 2009

APPSC Group 1 Notification

APPSC release the Notification for the GROUP 1 Services

Total Posts in the Notification was 198 (Old Notification 126 + Suppl.Noti 72 )

3 Posts was exluded from this notification(DSP-Communication)

Mode of Application : Through Online

Opening Date: 29/07/2009 Closing Date: 01/09/2009

Payment Mode : Challan from SBI

Highlights of Notification:

Deputy Collectors: 09
DSP(Civil) : 62
CTO: 35
RTO: 04

Here i m giving u the link of the notification

If you will get any confusion regarding online submission of the Applications

Please visit this site or mail me at

Good Luck


AP Public Service Commision has announce the


Here i am posting the link ...

APPSC Group 1 Final Results

Finally APPSC Release the Group 1 Results