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Thursday, July 30, 2009

APPSC Group 1 material


Here i am posting NCERT Books for all classes..i think these books will be useful for english medium candidates...i am unable to find the telugu books...

I am working on telugu medium material and books and also preparing for online material...
i will make it available soon...


salmon said...

Hello all,

Firstly, thank you for your guidance.
Could you please clarify my doubt.
I would like to know if the NCERT text books are useful only for Prelims or Mains as well.

I mean excluding the essays and the current affairs part.

please help.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunil, first I want to commend you for your effort in putting up all these details so that other people can benefit from it. By far this is the best place on the net where I could get so much information, material and the confidence that I needed. I am sorry that you were so close to getting your dream fulfilled and lost it. Good luck to you in this endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sunil,

Could you pls let us know where can we get the best material in hyd .

The material you have provided is g8 but i would also like to have some material from some coaching institute

all the best for your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunil,

I am a software Engineer working in US. And I would like to prepare for Group 1 exams so that I can attempt it confidently in the next 2 or so years. I have couple of questions regarding the eligibility of NRI candidates attempting for Group 1 exams. Do you know if there are any restrictions or any quota. Please suggest. It will be of great help for me.

Thank you.

Sambasivan said...

I am a retired Bank Chief Manager/faculty.

I appreciate the interest taken by you for helping needy people.

I came across this when I was searching "sopanam books".

Continue to do the service.

Best wishes

Srinath Chintala said...

kudos.. buddy

roopa said...

hai salmon. this is rupa.ncert text books are for the basics and plays a vital role in both prelims and mains point of view. so prepare wel.. thankq and i wish u all the best.. prepare well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunil,

Thanks alot for the information provided in ur blog. I am sorry that you were missed ur interview by supreme decision. I'm also wrkng as sftware programmer and I'm fresh aspirant to Grp-I and unfortunately I don't have any body for guidance. Could you please help me.

Thanks in advance n all the best for future endeavours

cr said...

It would be appreciated if some Telugu medium material/text books are updated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunil

Thanks for your blog and appreciate your helping nature. Can you please give us exposure to the pattern of Group 1 exams (conventional). Whether these papers are objective or essay type? I will appreciate, if you can throw some light on this.


kasireddy said...

Hi Friend,
Thankyou for your blog it is very usefull for blog for APPSC Preparation candidates and please provide telugu medium also it helpfull for all telugu medium students.

Anonymous said...

It is really helpful time. As i am a beginner could you please help me to prepare for Group 1 exams.

Thank You,
Raja Shekar.

Rajesh said...

hi friend this is Rajesh,
i want ncert books for telugu medium,if u dont mine pls send me to my mail id.

Chendru said...

Hi, this is chendru
I need help from any one of you to find out all telugu medium books for Group 1 . Can any one help to find out the site for telugu Acadamic books for all classes.

Mail Id:

chendru naidu.

Anonymous said...


sunil i have applied for Group 1 exam to be held on 27/05/2012,this is the first tilme i have applied for this exam. kindly explain me about prelims amd mains and the importance of it.

Anonymous said...

Very much useful Thank you boss

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded the file ncert6maths but its an error pls check in to it.

chinnapu reddy said...

Hai friends IaM sending imp wedsites for all group 1 and 2.may be I think helpful this web sites

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